Choose Two Hands Leather Co. for leather holster design services

At Two Hands Leather Co. we build custom leather holsters, sheaths and scabbards for all kinds of weapons and tools. No matter it's use for hunting, CCW or basic utility, we can secure and protect the tool that protects you. Our holsters are designed to be safe and functional and built to provide service in the worst conditions. We can work with you to create anything from basic utilitarian scabbards to an all "gussied up" holster for your BBQ gun. With every piece individually hand cut you can be sure that your item is a true one of a kind.

To learn more about the leather holsters we create, call (319) 244-8592  now.

Details about our custom holster design process

At Two Hands Leather Co., we specialize in custom leather holster design. Each piece we craft is made to fit your exact specifications. When you hire us to make your custom leather holster, we will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your needs and measure your gun
  • Help you select your ideal leather type and holster style
  • Create a custom piece that exceeds your expectations

Need to bolster your existing holster? Get in touch with us today for information about our leather repair services.